Residential Proxies

Bypass blocks, bans and CAPTCHAs with the power of HomeIP residential proxies.

50M IPs / Geo-Targeting / ∼99% Success Rates

Top Residential Proxy Locations


United States

1,637,472 IPs

United Kingdom

578,156 IPs


438,900 IPs


291,840 IPs


188,013 IPs


92,249 IPs


128,449 IPs


158,158 IPs


96,588 IPs


713,479 IPs


1,200,278 IPs


367,908 IPs

Fast & Stable

Global Residential Proxy Network

Seamlessly navigate the web with rotating residential proxies from our 50M+ IP pool. Effortlessly surpass geo-blocks with worldwide coverage.

  • Full protocol supportChoose from HTTP, fully encrypted HTTPs, or the speedy and reliable SOCKS5 protocol.
  • Top proxy IP speeds99.99% network uptime complemented by a live network status monitor.
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Precision Targeting

With our Residential Proxy network spanning 195 countries, enjoy targeting by country and city. HomeIP proxies unlock geo-restricted content without any hidden charges

Concurrent Sessions

While other proxy services might impose extra fees for multiple concurrent sessions, HomeIP stands out. Here, you enjoy unlimited sessions, enabling effortless scalability for your web scraping endeavors

Backconnect Access

Gain entry to a perpetually rotating proxy pool with just a single backconnect proxy. This ensures enhanced session control, evading IP bans and CAPTCHAs. Consequently, your scraping projects benefit from a stellar average success rate of 99.95%.

User Friendly

Seamless integration for a smooth beginning

HomeIP's rotating residential proxies offer effortless integration and management.

  • Proxy user management with Public API
  • Integration with third-party software
  • Developer-friendly documentation
  • Endpoint generator
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What customers are saying about us

We're immensely grateful for the trust of our 1K+ clients

Best residential proxy service

"Since integrating HomeIP proxies, our data gathering process has been seamless and efficient. The coverage and reliability they offer is unmatched. Truly a game-changer for our operations."
John MeyerDataTech Solutions

Best value for money

"HomeIP has truly revolutionized our web scraping projects. The boundless sessions and superb success rates have accelerated our data extraction capabilities, all without any hidden costs."
Sarah WilliamsWebMine

Top-notch proxies and support

"The precision targeting offered by HomeIP has been a boon for our global market research. Being able to access geo-restricted content so effortlessly has given us a competitive edge."
Alex RodriguezGlobal Insights Ltd.

The Fastest Residential Proxies

Explore our expansive 50M+ residential IP network spanning 195+ global locations, starting at just $3/GB!

Use Cases

Market Research

Effortlessly collect public data with a swift and dependable service tailored for comprehensive market insights.

Travel Fare Aggregation

Harness real-time data and tap into diverse geo-locations globally for accurate fare comparisons.

Ad Verification

Navigate the digital landscape, ensuring your ads resonate with the intended audience and remain compliant.

Price Monitoring

Stay updated with product pricing across borders, ensuring competitive intelligence and strategic positioning.

SERP Data Analysis

Delve deep into SERP metrics, refining rankings and fine-tuning your SEO approach for maximum visibility.

Review Monitoring

Effortlessly monitor customer feedback across multiple platforms to stay ahead of the curve.


Residential Proxies Pricing

Market-leading proxy pool of 50M+ for full coverage

Pay-as-you go

$7per GB
Buy Now
$150per seat per year
    25 GB

    $135per month
    Buy Now
      50 GB

      $250per month
      Buy Now
        100 GB

        $450per month
        Buy Now
        $450per seat per year
          250 GB

          $1000per month
          Buy Now
            500 GB

            $1750per month
            Buy Now
              Need more?

              Chat with us and we’ll find the best solution for you.

              Contact sales
              • 50M+ IPs
              • HTTPS & SOCKS5 support
              • Unlimited concurrent sessions
              • <0.7s average response time
              • 99% success rate
              • Country & city-level targeting
              • 24/7 tech support
              • Rotating and sticky sessions
              • IP & Username / Password Auth

              Frequently asked questions

              What's a residential proxy?

              A residential proxy is like a mask for your online identity. It uses real internet addresses from service providers and is connected to real places worldwide.

              Can I get free residential proxies?

              Free proxies might not protect your privacy. We suggest using HomeIP. With our "Pay as You Go" option, you pay only for what you use, starting from 1 GB.

              Are residential proxies useful?

              Yes, they're real and connected to actual places, which helps avoid online blocks and access content from different regions.

              How do you count our residential IPs?

              We calculate by checking our proxy pool, daily unique exits, and days in three months. The final number changes each month.

              How are residential proxies different from VPNs?

              Residential proxies change your online address, while VPNs hide your whole online connection. If you want extra security with proxies, pick the HTTPS ones.

              How much do I pay for residential proxies?

              Prices start at $3 for every GB you use. One-time users can choose "Pay As You Go." Regular users can get monthly or yearly plans.

              What is "Pay As You Go"?

              It's a way to use proxies without monthly fees. Buy only the amount you need on our dashboard. Remember, you can't use this with a monthly plan at the same time.

              How long can I use one residential proxy?

              They change often. If you want to use one longer, choose the sticky option. The default time is 10 minutes, but you can set it up to 30 minutes.

              Can I try your proxies first?

              We don't have a free trial, but you can test with "Pay As You Go" for $7/GB.

              How can I pay?

              We accept Credit Cards, PayPal, Alipay, and some cryptocurrencies.

              What about refunds?

              Refunds are available only for our self-service packages if:

              It's your first buy.
              You ask within three days of buying.
              You've used less than 20% (or 10% for bigger plans) of what you bought.
              Your account is in good standing.

              Try residential proxies risk-free!

              Discover the flexibility of our premium residential proxies with Pay-As-You-Go. Experience all features for just $7 on your first GB, without any monthly obligations.

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