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We (“HomeIP”) are committed to respecting your privacy and protecting the personal data you share with us and that we collect about you.This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) tells you about how we process your personal data. It also provides more information about your privacy rights and how the law protects you. In all cases mentioned in this Policy HomeIP is your personal data controller.All questions related to this Policy or your privacy can be addressed to

Personal data processing when you register for our services

Upon registration to the HomeIP dashboard, you will be asked to provide your username and email address which are necessary to create your account. We also require you to specify how you use IP solutions to provide you with services that may be of interest to you and to further improve our offerings. Without providing the above-mentioned information, you cannot create a HomeIP account.Our payment service provider might ask you for additional information when administering your payments for our services from your account (for example, location information for VAT purposes, etc.). To learn more about the way our payment service provider processes your data, please refer to its privacy policy (the link is provided upon request for your information).

Personal data processing when you contact us

We can be contacted by various means:you can send us an email;you can fill in an online contact form;you can send us a request using our live chat platform;or you can contact us through social media.In all these cases, we process your personal data for the purposes of responding to your inquiry and administering it. By contacting us you consent to your personal data processing, therefore the legal basis for your data processing in this case is consent.

Personal data processing for marketing purposes

HomeIP may use your personal data to contact you with marketing related offers.You will receive information about our services if you provide your contact details in the contact form on our website. We consider that by providing your information in the online form you give us consent to contact you for purposes mentioned in this section.In cases where applicable law permits us to contact you without a separate consent, we will contact you under the legal basis of our legitimate interests to make you an offer of our services. You can opt-out from any marketing-related communication that we send you at any time by clicking an unsubscribe button in our emails or by contacting us at

How long do we store your data?

HomeIP stores your personal data up to 2 years from our last contact with you or from your last log-in. Your data may be stored for a longer period if it's necessary to defend ourselves against claims, demands, or actions and exercise our rights or if the law demands it.

Data sharing

HomeIP will use certain service providers (data processors) to process your personal data. Such data processors include CRM software providers, email and email tracking service providers, online live chat service providers, business development service providers, customer support specialists, data analysis service providers, payment services firms, web hosting companies, and other service providers.In all cases, your personal data is disclosed only to the extent necessary for the provision of their services. We do not share your data with any third parties that are not our service providers.

Our data processors are typically based in the European Economic Area (EEA) and US. When choosing our service providers in the US, we aim to ensure that they are members of the EU – US Privacy Shield Framework and are publicly committed to complying with mandatory EU privacy standards. In other cases where necessary, we ensure that our US-based data processors comply with EU privacy standards by entering into agreements with standard data protection clauses adopted by the European Commission.

Your privacy-related rights

You have the following rights with respect to your personal data:

to access your personal data and related information about processing;

to demand corrections to inaccurate data;to request the erasure of your personal data or restriction of its processing when there's a legal basis for that;

to demand the transfer of your personal data to another data controller or have it provided directly to you in a convenient format (on conditions set in the applicable law);

to withdraw your consent at any time if your personal data processing is based on consent;to object to the processing of your personal data, if it's based on a legitimate interest (on conditions set in the applicable law);

to contact a relevant data protection authority of your habitual residence, place of work, or of an alleged infringement and file a complaint if you believe your data is processed unlawfully. If you wish to exercise any of the above-mentioned privacy-related rights, please contact us at

Data processing when you visit our website

When you visit our website, we ask for your consent to collect certain personal data using cookies and other similar technologies.Cookies, pixels, and other similar technologies are typically small text or image files placed on your device when visiting our website. We mainly use cookies on our site which usually fall into one of the following categories:

Essential Cookies

Essential cookies make a website usable by enabling fundamental functions. Without these cookies, the website cannot operate optimally. Here are the essential cookies we use:

Cookie NamePurpose / Description Duration

__cfduidUsed by Cloudflare to identify trusted web traffic.1 year

catAccCookiesDetermines if the visitor has accepted the cookie consent box, ensuring it doesn't appear again.29 days

laravel_sessionUsed by site owners during website content updates.1 day

m-bProtects visitors by preventing cross-site request forgery. Essential for website and visitor security.6080 days

pa_enabledIdentifies the device accessing the site, allowing appropriate formatting.Persistent

XSRF-TOKENProtects visitors by preventing cross-site request forgery. Essential for website and visitor security.1 day

Functionality Cookies

Functionality cookies enable the website to provide enhanced features and personalization, improving the user experience.

Cookie NamePurpose / Description Duration

dcEssential for the website's chat-box functionality.Session

driftt_aidEssential for the website's chat-box functionality.2 years

driftt_sidRecognizes the visitor across devices and visits to optimize the chat-box functionality.1 day

Analytics CookiesAnalytics cookies help us understand user interaction by collecting anonymous data.

Cookie NamePurpose / Description Duration

_dc_gtm_UAUsed by Google Tag Manager to control Google Analytics script tag loading.1 day

_gaRegisters a unique ID for generating statistics about how the visitor interacts with the site.2 years

_gatUsed by Google Analytics to throttle request rates.1 day

_gidRegisters a unique ID for generating statistics about how the visitor interacts with the site.1 day

collectSends data to Google Analytics about the visitor's device and behavior. Also tracks the visitor across devices and marketing channels.Session

Drift.Targeting.currentReferrerRecognizes the visitor to optimize chat-box functionality.Persistent

Drift.Targeting.referrerDomainRecognizes the visitor to optimize chat-box functionality.Persistent

paTracks website's speed and performance which can be used for statistics and load-balancing.Persistent

personalization_idSet by Twitter, this cookie lets visitors share content from the site onto their Twitter profile.2 years

Advertising Cookies

Advertising cookies track visitors across websites with the intention of displaying relevant and engaging ads. These ads are more valuable for both publishers and third-party advertisers.

Cookie NamePurpose / Description Duration

_fbpUtilized by Facebook for advertisement products such as real-time bidding from third-party advertisers.3 months

_gcl_auEmployed by Google AdSense to test advertisement efficiency across their services.3 months

_hjIncludedInSampleDecides if user's navigation should be recorded in a statistical placeholder.Session

_hjRecordingEnabledRecognizes the visitor for ad-relevance by collecting visitor data across multiple websites, generally provided by a third-party data-center or ad-exchange.Session

ads/ga-audiencesGoogle AdWords uses this to re-engage visitors likely to become customers based on online behavior.Session

Drift.Targeting.* (various)These are used for optimizing the website's chat-box function. They recognize and track visitor data, visits, and more to make the chat function relevant.Persistent

frUsed by Facebook for advertisement products such as real-time bidding from third-party advertisers.3 months

GPSCreates a unique ID on mobile devices for tracking based on GPS location.1 day

i/adsctTracks visitors accessing the website via Twitter advertisement content.Session

IDEGoogle DoubleClick uses this to monitor and report user actions post ad-viewing or clicking, aiming for efficient ad presentation.1 year

MUID & MUIDBMicrosoft's cookies for tracking users across their domains. MUIDB also monitors the efficiency of ads on websites.1 year

NIDA unique ID is registered that identifies a returning user's device, employed for targeted ads.6 months

pagead/1p-user-list/Google's dynamic marketing tool to track conversions or other significant user interactions.Session

PREFRecords a unique ID for Google to track how the visitor uses YouTube videos across various websites.8 months

r/collectSends data to Google Analytics regarding the visitor's device and behavior, tracking across devices and marketing channels.Session

rc::a, rc::b, rc::cIn the context of video-ads, these cookies limit repeated ad exposure to a visitor and ensure the relevance of the ad.Session/Persistent

test_cookieVerifies if the user's browser supports cookies.1 daytrFacebook employs this for real-time bidding advertisement products from third-party advertisers.Session

VISITOR_INFO1_LIVEAims to determine the users' bandwidth on pages with integrated YouTube videos.179 days

YSC & yt-remote-* (various)These relate to YouTube video statistics and user video player preferences.Session

DFTT_END_USER_PREV_BOOTSTRAPPEDIndicates prior interaction with chat or playbooks for retrieving existing conversations.2 years

hjViewportIdPertains to Hotjar's Session Recorder. No personal data is recorded.2 years

paddlejs_* & poptin_* (various)These cookies deal with tracking campaigns, identifying users, and display rules among other functionalities.Varies

SP-* (various)These cookies track user interactions such as referrals, last visited page, and more.2 months

Unclassified Cookies

Unclassified cookies are those we are still in the midst of classifying, often in collaboration with the providers of the individual cookies.

Cookie NamePurpose / Description Duration


Managing Your CookiesYou possess the autonomy to manage, delete, or prevent cookies as you see fit. All cookies already on your computer can be deleted, and most browsers can be set to block them. If you seek further insights on cookies, including detailed guidance on how to control, disable, or erase them, kindly visit About Cookies.

Disclaimer: The table's content is solely for your general comprehension and utilization. Please note that cookies are subject to alterations without prior intimation. While we strive for accuracy, it's acknowledged that this information might encompass inaccuracies or errors. We unreservedly waive liability for any such inaccuracies or errors, as fully sanctioned by law.
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